Retinal Degeneration Panel

Retinal Degeneration SNP Panel

Since retinal degeneration mutations are common in mice and some other research models, it is important to detect and control for the presence of these genetic mutations when performing retinal disorder studies. To help researchers identify carrier animals this SNP panel includes the following assays:

  • Pde6brd1 (retinal degeneration)
  • Prph2rd2 (retinal degeneration slow)
  • Crb1rd8 (crumbs homolog 1 (Drosophila))

Results are GTCAssured with each sample tested using a single assay with two independent runs. We utilize a proprietary DNA isolation methodology to maximize DNA quality and perform PCR melt curve analysis to generate quality, unambiguous results. Results will be delivered in 3-business days and include all methods and raw data for complete evaluation and publication purposes.

Panel Pricing:

  • $10.00 per sample
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*Additional testing not indicated on the original submission, but requested within 24-hours after results are delivered, will be charged at the additional target price.  Testing requested beyond 24-hours will be charged at the 1st target price.

Sample Submission:

  • Collect tail tissue, ear notches, extracted DNA, or equivalent volumes of other tissues
  • Submit samples in your preferred containers
  • Ship at room temperature

For more information about genes affecting retinal degeneration, visit The Jackson Laboratory’s Eye Mutant Resource.