PCR Genotyping

PCR Genotyping
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Our PCR genotyping service offers assays for common transgene targets, such as neomycin, luciferase, GFP, lacZ, and Cre recombinase, as well as custom gene-specific assay development for targeted mutations (knock-ins/knock-outs). We design two unique assays for each target at no cost to you. DNA is extracted using our proprietary methods and your samples are tested with the two assays to provide definitive results. For targeted mutations, we determine and report on zygosity for each sample. Transgenic samples have presence/absence reported (designated as Negative or Positive – homozygous are not differentiated.) The zygosity of transgenic samples is determined with our higher-level zygosity testing service.

Results are GTCAssured with two independent assays for every target. We utilize a proprietary DNA isolation methodology to maximize DNA quality and perform PCR melt curve analysis to generate quality, unambiguous results. Our reports include all methods and raw data for complete evaluation and publication purposes and are delivered in 2-business days guaranteed (allow additional time for new assay development.)

Sample Submission Information:
  • Strain name
  • Mutation design information (for commercially available strains only the vendor information is necessary)
  • Strain crossing information (to ensure that our assays do not cross-react with other mutations)
  • Control samples for targeted mutations. No controls necessary for generic assays