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Assay Design
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Assay design is free if known controls are provided, or $395 without known controls.  We pride ourselves on developing the best assays for your genotyping needs. The more information we have, the better the design. Request a new assay here.

To make a design, we need the following:
  1. Name of the strain. Your in-house name and the official nomenclature.
  2. Name of the vendor that it came from if it is commercially available.
  3. Map and/or description of how the mutant was produced and its location.
  4. If it is a transgene, do you plan on matings capable of producing homozygotes?  Do you need to know zygosity?
  5. Complete sequence, if available.
  6. Current genotyping method and primer sequences.
  7. Known positive controls. Ideally, homozygous, heterozygous or hemizygous.  See our FAQ (“How do I interpret my results?”) for explanations of zygosity nomenclature.

If you do not have all of the needed information, send us what you have and we may be able to find what we need.  Many commercial vendors provide more than enough information on their websites about their strains.

Please note, if we cannot obtain sufficient data for your target locus, or if a positive control sample is not provided, we can continue with assay design and will apply a $395 charge for each genotyping assay design to support the additional work required. We will notify you before proceeding, should this be the case.

After we determine the nature and structure of the mutation present in your strain, we will develop a strategy for genotyping your strain. New assay designs typically take 1-3 weeks. While you may begin sending samples (with controls) immediately, we will notify you when the design is complete, and your new assay will be automatically added to your personal target list.

Please be aware your in-house equipment and reagents may not be compatible with our reagents and equipment which will require specific design criteria.