Genotyping Resources

Genotyping Resources


Assay Library: GTCAssured assays for publicly available targets.

Assay Design Links: Helpful links associated with assay design.

Methods: Information about our testing methods.


Submitting Samples to GTCA: Easy 3 step guide, including shipping instructions.

Sampling Best Practices: Our experience and expertise in this one page guide.


Frequently Asked Questions: Where you can find answers.


Life Science Resources


Animal Model Vendors: A listing of vendors providing various models.

Other Resources

The Mouse as a Model System

Managing a Mouse Colony

Targeting Vector Design

Mouse Genetics: Concepts and Applications by Lee Silver

Mouse Breeding Recommendations

Breeding Strategies for Maintaining Colonies of Laboratory Mice: A Jackson Laboratory Resource Manual

The Coat Colors of Mice:  A model for Mammalian Gene Action and Interaction by Willys K Silver

Origins of Inbred Mice Edited by Herbert Morse III

E-Mouse Atlas

Biology of the Laboratory Mouse by The Staff of The Jackson Laboratory

The Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse by Margaret Cook

The House Mouse: Atlas of Embyronic Development by Karl Theiler

Color Atlas of Neoplastic and Non-neoplastic Lesions in Aging Mice by C.H. Frith and J.M. Ward