At GTCA, once is never enough for a test result. Science requires replication.  With GTCAssure™ we do that the first time for every sample.

  • All PCR genotyping targets have two assays designed.  All samples are run using both assays.
  • All point mutation genotyping and zygosity testing targets have a single assay designed which is run twice, independently for validation.
  • All GTCAssured results are supplied to you within 2-3 business days.
  • All costs are clear.
  • All methods are disclosed.

Our Process:

  1. Design and test assays for the target(s).
  2. Extract the DNA using our proprietary method.
  3. Sub sample DNA creating aliquots for each assay.
  4. Perform two separate amplifications.
  5. Independently analyze both result sets.
  6. Deliver the summary report.
  7. Store the samples for two months for additional target testing if requested.

Detailed methods