Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports

We provide a complete report package including:

  • Results Summary page: all results associated with your sample identification
  • Complete Data page: the raw data from the two GTCAssure tests
  • Methods page: describing the methods used
  • Invoice page: showing current charges and your total account level spending

Sample Report

Reports are emailed and posted to your private account for online accessibility. A separate email including your invoice is automatically sent to you or your accounts payable department. Reports can be customized to meet your specific needs.

pdf View sample report

Reporting Terminology

We use the following terminology to describe sample results on reports.

  • Wild = (Wild-type) for both transgenic and KO (knock-outs) and KI (knock-ins), these mice lack the mutation that is being tested for by the assay.
  • Hemi = (Hemizygous) for transgenics, these samples have the transgene on one of the pairs of homologous chromosomes but lack the transgene on the other.
  • Het = (Heterozygous) for KO and KI, these samples have the mutation on one of the pairs of homologous chromosomes and have wild type sequence on the other.
  • Hom = (Homozygous) for both transgenic and KO and KI, these samples have the mutation/transgene on both of the homologous chromosomes.

For transgenics, if the assay is not a probe-based zygosity test, but is instead our basic presence/absence assay, we will report the sample as Hemi. This is equivalent to saying present and is NOT a zygosity call.

Please contact us at 1-844-800-4822 or if you have any questions about your results reports.